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We love events. All shapes, sizes and kinds. From press events and groundbreakings, to product rollouts... to the big guys with thousands and thousands of attendees. We love creating something memorable, fun, significant. Something that matters. To design it, brand it, give it personality. We make it and it comes alive... and there's nothing else like it.

Look at the slides passing on your left. This is just a peek at some of the shows we've been a part of, and we know there's more to come. As you look through the site, get ideas. Have dreams. Start thinking big thoughts and "what-ifs." Even think the impossible. Then call us.

So upload your ideas, thoughts, napkin scribbles, RFPs, and tell us what you're thinking. We have the resources to be the only stop you'll need to make. Design, branding, AV, fabrication–producers, directors and seasoned know-how... we'd love to astonish you with just what you're looking for.

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fncevents is your one-source "go to" events company for all of your events needs. Whether you're planning for 500, 5,000 (or 100,000), fnc has everything you need to make your event the success you were planning on. Our veteran artists and planners are longtme pros in the event industry with the expertise and creativity to help you develop your event into a memorable experience. We offer full site-sourcing, site visits, contracting and travel prep if you're just gearing up, or we can execute the one missing link like a special side-party, top producer gala, game night, or entertainment. From concept, to sets, catering, decor and AV... let fnc help you pull off your dream event in style.

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