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  • A series of retro-Western logos were created for Scentsy's Convention
  • The Concept is an inclusive promo brand that pervades all venues in the event
  • Additional Event Signage
  • Banners and all signage use a kit of elements unifying the look and feel
  • Welcome Entry Portals matched other event venues
  • The Convention store carries the look
  • A dash of glitz helped to create a Country Glam look
  • Entertainment and Keynote rolled into one with the Judds
  • 50's Ranch look crossed desert and  Chandelier Glam
  • Giant Neon Cowgirl Stage with Neon Touchpoint Words
  • Naomi Judd Keynote/ Duet Opener and finale concert
  • A concept with a Stockyard, Stampede feel was one approach
  • Flown in screen was removable for talent, speakers, other graphics
  • Reality Show PR with Oprah Winfrey to increase Convention impact

Pitching is an art. Visionary storytelling that places you virtually
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Soon we're working together, integrating ideas, talking possibilites, tightening concepts and keynote, staging and AV. Suddenly you realize—this could really work. Then you ask...when could we start, but you realize you know the answer—we already have. We love pitches. Upload your RFP below, and give us a call..





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