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  • Radio City Music Hall, New York • Tahitian Noni Intl. event venue

Events can be almost anything from a press rollout, a dance party, or a huge corporate event with breakouts, to fashion s
hows. But no mater what the need may be, the technical requirements remain the same.... lights, sound, sets, efx; spot on concept and design, great theming and outstanding messaging—superior flow—the ability to connect with the viewers and participants. It all has to be there.

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fncevents is your one-source "go to" events comany for all of your events needs. Whether you're planning for 500, or 5,000 (or 10,000), fnc has everything you need to make your event the success you were planning on. Our experienced artists and planners are longtme vets of the event industry with the expertise and creativity to help you develop your event into a memorable experience. We offer full site-sourcing, visits, contracting and travel prep if you're just gearing up, or we can execute the one missing link like a special side-party, top producer gala, game night, or entertainment. From concept, to sets, catering, decor and AV... let fnc help you pull off your dream event in style.