The Intermountain Healthcare Regional Hospital Grand Opening was a large-scale press event and health expo taking place over 5 days. The facility was opened by local government and church dignitaries, and was host to over 12,000 visitors during the Opening Celebration.

fnc Events provided a variety of services from the design of the main stage and AV, to the creation of superbanners, banners, and the construction of 30 specialty-branded kiosks used throughout the facility and in the Health share expo. Each task associated with the event had special requirements, and none more exacting than the creation of a 70 foot inflatable bow and ribbons that decorated the main tower of the complex.

The client requested the bow be deployed during the dedicatory event in the press tent, with the stage splitting in two, and event attendees emerging to find the enormous center tower gift-wrapped and ready to be opened. The logistics presented special issues such as hoisting the wrappings to the tower top outside of the building, specialty ribbons with airflow capability, the ability to drop and secure the ribbons, as well as inflate the world's largest air inflated bow atop a 20-foot scaffolding within a 30 minute timeframe. With inclement weather approaching, there was a 20mph wind atop the tower as well. The outcome?

Mission accomplished, client elated!

Earlier set and kiosk designs were based on the shapes found in the IHC logo, but were simplified to a simpler chevron shape that loosely referenced the shapes to preserve the integrity of the logo. The new chevrons became highly adaptable shapes that fit with and supported the brand without interference..



One big bow overlooks Salt Lake Valley
on the evening after the Opening Event.
When mounted, the bow was the biggest
one known to have been created and
mounted on a building.